Industrial Electrician Services: SM Electric Services Corp

Keeping Tarzana’s industrial engines humming, turbines spinning, and production lines buzzing – that’s the electrifying lifeblood of SM Electric Services Corp. For over 10 years, we’ve been Tarzana’s trusted industrial electrician partner, ensuring the seamless flow of power that fuels your success. From intricate machinery to complex control systems, no job is too big or too intricate for our team of seasoned professionals.  Contact us get to avail the industrial electrician services!

Why Choose SM Electric: Industrial Electrician Services in Tarzana?

Safety First, Always: We prioritize the safety of your employees and equipment above all else. Our fully licensed and insured electricians adhere to strict safety protocols and utilize cutting-edge equipment to ensure every project is executed with zero risks.

Unmatched Expertise: With a decade of experience under our toolbelts, we’ve tackled every industrial challenge imaginable, from retrofitting aging facilities in Tarzana to installing state-of-the-art automation systems. No electrical enigma is beyond our capabilities.

24/7 Emergency Response: Industrial downtime can mean lost profits and compromised safety. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repair services in Tarzana and surrounding areas. No matter the hour, we’ll restore your power and get your operations back on track.

Preventative Maintenance: Stay ahead of electrical issues with our comprehensive preventative maintenance plans. We’ll inspect your systems, identify potential problems, and address them before they disrupt your Tarzana production flow, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Custom-Tailored Solutions: Industrial facilities are all different. That’s why we design and implement bespoke electrical solutions that perfectly meet your specific needs, equipment configurations, and safety requirements.

Power Up Your Industrial Potential with SM Electric:

Machine and Equipment Installation and Repair: From complex PLCs to high-powered motors, we have the expertise to install, maintain, and repair all your Tarzana industrial equipment with precision and efficiency.

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Retrofits: Keep your facilities running smoothly with modern and efficient electrical panels. We’ll upgrade your outdated systems in Tarzana to ensure optimal power distribution and compliance with the latest codes.

Lighting Solutions: Illuminate your Tarzana workspace with energy-efficient and task-specific lighting systems that boost productivity and employee well-being. We design and install custom solutions to enhance your industrial environment.

Automation and Control System Integration: Streamline your operations and optimize efficiency with seamless automation and control systems. We’ll integrate cutting-edge technology into your Tarzana facility, empowering you to operate smarter, not harder.

Emergency Power and Backup Systems: Never let a power outage cripple your Tarzana operations. We install and maintain reliable emergency power backup systems to keep your production lines humming, even when the grid goes down.

Remember, SM Electric Services Corp is your comprehensive industrial electrical partner in Tarzana:

  • Industrial Electrical Maintenance and Repair
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Machine and Equipment Installation and Repair
  • Lighting Systems Design and Installation
  • Automation and Control System Integration
  • Emergency Power and Backup Systems
  • Safety Inspections and Compliance Audits
  • And more!

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