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Problems With Circuit Breaker Of Your House

Circuit breakers are major parts of your electric system whether in your residential area or a commercial area. Imagine yourself in a situation where you were relaxing or having a good evening with your family. And suddenly the circuit breaker of your house trips and all the lighting and fans of your house stopped working. What to do in that situation? You might be thinking of where to begin? As no electrician can be present at every time at your place. So SM Electric Services is there to advise you on some basic tips and tricks that you can follow at that time.

Take care of your safety first

If you face such an incident for the first time in your house make sure to check for your safety first. You can fix the circuit breaker of your house by yourself but first, make sure that you are safe and you have followed all the safety measures. Make sure that you are wearing shoes while repairing the circuit breakers and you are wearing safety gloves. So that you may not touch bare wires or those wires that are exposed as this will result in serious disaster. Have a look at the surface of the circuit breaker, make sure that it’s not wet. If the area around the circuit breaker is wet, don’t try to fix the circuit breaker and instead wait for the damp area to be dry completely. SM Electric Services take care of their customers, so we suggest that in that condition we call for any expert from SM Electric Services and get professional services from us.

Switch off all the electric appliances

Before resetting your circuit breaker make sure that all the lights and fans and other appliances are turned off by not doing so. You’ll end up ruining all the appliances of your house. During resetting of your house’s circuit breaker, it may keep tripping causing the electric appliances of your house to turn off and on again and again and resulting in their damage. SM Electric Services assure you that you can protect your electric appliances by taking care just a little.

Don’t know the exact location of the box of the circuit breaker?

As you are fixing the circuit breaker for the first time, you may not have an idea about the main box of the circuit breaker. Where all the circuit breakers are present and you can fix them. But first, you need to find that box, check the exterior of your house. If there is any box attached to the wall, check in the sore room of your house or if there are any cabinets in your living room. Don’t forget to check those cabinets. Check behind the sofa or other large furniture in your house. And after finding the box make sure that there are circuit breakers in it. If your house is pretty old, there must be fuses in it. And you need to follow other steps for repairing fuses of your main electric box. As in old houses, mostly fuses were used. If you still haven’t found any box on your property, contact a professional electrician from SM Electric Services for easy and quick repairing of circuit breakers.

Check the status of the circuit breaker

Instead of performing a whole process of repairing your circuit breaker, it’s better to use your common sense and look for the status of your circuit breaker. Check out the lights of your circuit breaker, if there is any red light that means the circuit breaker is off and the green light shows the working of a circuit breaker. Have a closer look at circuit breakers if one circuit breaker is in the opposite position to other circuit breakers. Then try to change the position of that circuit breaker according to other circuit breakers of your electric box.

Issue resolved

If by changing the position of your circuit breaker, that’s by lifting the lever of your circuit breaker, it remains in that position and doesn’t trip again then your problem is fixed successfully. And yeah that is also in such simple steps. Now all you need to do is to turn back all the lights, fans, or other electric appliances that you have turned off before repairing your circuit breaker. But if you are unable to detect any problem, it’s better to contact a trained professional from SM Electric Services for better and safe repair.

What if your circuit breaker keeps tripping?

If you have tried the above solution along with following all the necessary precautions, the problem is still there. And your circuit breaker keeps on tripping even after turning it on again and again. Now is the time you should call an expert electrician from SM Electric Services because there might be some issues that cannot be resolved by yourself. And by doing it yourself it may harm you and you end up causing a disastrous condition. Because there may be an issue of earthing(grounding) of your electricity or maybe there is a short circuit. Or whatever the issue is, you can fully rely on our trained electricians that will fix your problem in no time and that also efficiently and quickly. So instead of risking your loved one’s life, it’s better to invest some money in a professional electrician.

SM Electric Services have a name and trust in their customers. As we have served many customers by providing electric services with convenience and efficiency. Our customers fully rely on us without any doubt. Contact us now and we’ll love to serve you.

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